Lord of the Rings Slot Machine

The Fellowship of the Ring – Lord of the Rings Slot

Play The Lord Of The Rings Video Slots Game Today!

Play The Lord Of The Rings Video Slots Game Today!

As a slots enthusiast you are most likely already familiar with the wide variety of slots options available to players. If not, there are hundreds to choose from and each one varies from the next. One of the most popular forms of selecting online slots games is through the themes they project. Slots games are based on books,, movies, comics and other such novelties. Online slots enthusiasts are always waiting for the next big release and most of the time it always turns out that the more prominent slots games remains popular. This is the exact case with large gaming themes such as The Lord of the Rings.

Lord of the Rings has been thoroughly enjoyed at cinemas, avid book readers have turned the hundreds of pages leading to the grand finale of the trilogy and now gaming enthusiasts can enjoy another, more interactive version of it …The Lord of the Rings slots game!


Large Jackpot Returns!

If you enjoyed the movie, you will love the game! Join Frodo on his journey to seek out one of the largest jackpot winnings to date! Lord of the Rings is a progressive slots game which offers high cash returns. You will need to know what the winning combinations are and budget your bankroll according to the betting options. The game offers players 243 different ways in which they can win, broadening your chances of hitting the jackpot. Gollum, which is one of the main characters, will randomly appear on your screen, rewarding you with a number of prizes.

The Lord of the Rings is a Microgaming slots invention which makes it one of the most popular online slots games due to its high definition graphics, its interactive bonus features and the amazing clips that occupy players for countless hours. You can rely on Microgaming technology as it is the leading gaming software provider and has been an award winning platform since the dawn of online gaming.

For the movie devotees there are high definition video clips of the movie itself that transports you to a nether world, a world of ancient myths and creatures and will keep you enthralled throughout the game. While you are hypnotised by this uncharacteristically mesmerising theme, your jackpot continuously grows making you as eager as your characters in the game to get your hands on the grand prize!

If you are as interested in this slots game as any other player who has ever dabbled with it is, you can find top online casinos offering it up as a hidden treasure. Here is where you will be able to access exclusive bonuses which will jump start your bankroll and help you climb to the top alongside your famous slots characters. Bring the game to life by playing it today and you could way away with your share of the jackpot, or perhaps…the entire jackpot amount!


Come And Be Entertained

This has been noted as one of the most entertaining progressive slots games available at top online casinos, so don’t get left out! Grab your bag of adventure and travel through the various stages of this enthralling slots game!

The story of Microgaming’s Lord of the Rings video slot

The beginning of the game

The Lord of the Rings video slot was announced as part of Microgaming’s list of online slots in 2009. This was the result of a license agreement signed by Microgaming and Warner Bro’s who had partial rights to the series as granted by the J.R.R Tolkein (the writer of the series) Estate ad HarperCollins Publishers who were the genuine owners of the series. The game’s actual launch was to be in September 2010 and was to be followed by two more releases of slot machines based on the best-seller movie and books series.


The duration of the game

The first of the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings video slots was released in 2010. During its time online, the Lord of the Rings video slot was a very successful machine loved by online slots players all over the world. The machine had 5 reels and 243-ways-to-win onto which scatters, wilds and other special symbols were built. More than anything else, what captured the attention of most players was the strong visual impact that the game had. This is the game that not only introduced but also made famous Microgaming’s Cinematic Spins feature which allows players to view short scenes of the actual movie right from the reels. Today, many of Microgaming’s slots based on movies have this feature.

In 2011, Microgaming fulfilled its promise to its Lord of the Rings slot machine loyalists by releasing the second slot of the series which was based on the second instalment of the movie/book series, the Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers. It was very clear from this machine that Microgaming had stepped up its game on what was an already incredibly mind-blowing machine. The second edition of the Lord of the Rings video slot had everything that the first machine had and even more! The game retained its cinematic spins which now included new scenes and also retained its 5 reels, 243-ways-to-win, scatters, wilds, multipliers, free spins, bonus rounds and chilling sound effects. However, because this game was meant to better the first, a 4-tiered progressive jackpot was then added as the cherry on top.


The end of the game

With the excellent impressions that these Lord of the Rings video slots were leaving on players, the third and last of the series was very much anticipate and carried with it the promise of greatness. Players were unfortunately disappointed when Microgaming announced in 2012 that not only was the last of the promised slots not going to be released but the one in existence was also going to be pulled. Although Microgaming never did give the reasons to its decision in their press release, it is now known that the decision may have been strongly influenced by a lawsuit regarding the license granted to Microgaming to release the games.

The owners of the Lord of the Rings series, the J.R.R Tolkein Estate in partnership with HarperCollins, granted a partial licence to Warner Bros through which Warner Bros may reproduce some material of the tale (i.e. movies). After granting Microgaming the licence to produce video slots of the movies, Warner Bros found itself in a lawsuit initiated by the Tolkein Estate on grounds that Warner Bros is overstepping its rights as granted by the licence given to them. Although Microgaming did not actually do anything wrong in this scenario, its players got the raw end of the deal when Microgaming was forced to pull one of their favourite games offline.