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VIP Casino Starfish Maze

Find out how VIP Casino members can benefit in so many ways. The All Slots Casino VIP Casino is by invitation only and invites the highest rollers to great fun. – Enjoy some Mazes and GIFs of cats in the meantime 🙂

Maze of a Starfish for VIP Casino

Maze and Spot-The-Differences of a VIP Starfish. Created by Yanito Freminoshi for a VIP Casino | SOLVED HERE

Intro to the VIP Casino

Cat enjoys a brushCertainly, those who have money and are willing to spend it in a certain location deserve to be recognized and rewarded for doing so. And this is exactly the philosophy behind the VIP Casino at All Slots Casino. All Slots is a location where people come to enjoy the finer things in life and they can do so at any level. Without spending a great deal, or even without spending anything, people can play over 500 games. They can enjoy games at the online casino or the mobile casino. They can play roulette, blackjack, poker, slots and many other fine choices. And all players are welcomed and encouraged to enjoy at their level. At some point, however, the highest paying clients and those who are simply in another plain by themselves, deserve to be rewarded. And it is with this idea that All Slots Casino created the VIP Casino. The VIP location is by invitation only. It’s not a location where anyone can decide they want to be. Once a royal person, business person, or other person of means accepts the invitation to be part of the VIP Casino, they will receive many benefits and many exclusive offers.

VIP Casino Perks

One of the many perks of the VIP Casino is the chance for personal attention. Obviously, everyone who plays at All Slots can ask questions of the customer representatives. With the VIP Casino, however, the members can enjoy a personal support team. This means that they will get personal assistance with any questions that they have and with any confusions that they might find. Typically, a person of this means is used to having this type of personalized attention and it’s no surprise that they should receive it with the VIP Casino just as they would receive it in other areas of their lives. This personalized attention ensures that they are comfortable at all times and that they are getting their questions answered and their needs met.

Exclusive bonuses & Free Spins as a VIP Casino players.

Those in the VIP Casino also receive exclusive bonuses that are only for high rollers. Certainly, the All Slots Casino offers an array of lovely bonuses and promotions. The VIP Casino takes this further and offers only these members bonuses that are just for them and for their needs. This allows the avid player and the high roller to reap the benefits of the financial commitment that he has invested and to get payback of sorts for the time and effort that he dedicates to this particular site for enjoyment. There are also VIP only promotions, similarly allowing the most exclusive members to fine tune their playing and to receive extra incentives and rewards for their dedication. This both recognizes the time that they put into the site and the money that they spend while there. At the highest level, there is an opportunity to redeem loyalty points for cash. This allows the truly high rollers to have extra perks and incentives that other players don’t have.

On a similar note, the VIP Casino offers free spins each week to players. This is again a way for the exclusive location to thank the top players for their commitment and dedication. It allows people who have already been using the casino for a long time to reap even more benefits for doing so and to enjoy their time at the site even more. Players get more out of their game if they have these weekly free spins and they feel like their time and energy are being recognized. These free spins add to the enjoyment that the players feel as they play. They also enhance their game time and their ability to focus on the games they want to play and to enjoy their time more. Typically, people who are invited here don’t need the free spins. They can afford to pay for their own. But it is the principle of knowing that they are being rewarded for their dedication and being offered something for the time they spend with All Slots that makes all the difference.


There are three levels for those who get an invitation to join the VIP Casino. They can join with a Gold entry point of 2000, a Platinum entry point of 8000 or a Diamond entry point of 50,000. These different entry points make a different in the perks and features that the player is entitled to as part of the VIP Casino program. Each level, of course, entitles the player to excellent perks. There are just extra perks for those who enter at the higher levels and who have shown an extra commitment to the company and to the site. Certainly, the various levels and the benefits of each can be explained when the invitation is presented to the member. These levels are all undestandable and clearly practical and the private customer service representative can explain them in full details.

Higher deposit limits for VIP Players.

VIP Casino Cat with two coloured eyesThere are additional benefits, of course, as well. There are higher deposit limits for players who enroll at the 8000 and 50,000 levels. There are ways to redeem loyalty points for cash for those at the 50,000 level. There are higher withdrawal limits for those at the 8000 and 50,000 levels. All of these items entitle those who are committed to the site and are enjoying the best that All Slots has to offer to great perks and benefits. Another perk that is only available to the most exclusive of players is the vacation package for those at the 50,000 level. All Slots Casino in the VIP Casino will actually put together vacation packages and arrange for amazing benefits for those at this level. Each benefit raises the bar for the player and allows him to truly enjoy his time. Each time that he returns to the VIP Casino he feels like he’s playing fresh and new since there is typically something new waiting for him there. And this enhances the experience and allows the player to wait with anticipation and excitement for each time that he comes back to the casino and to the VIP section. Certainly, this is the intention of All Slots Casino since they want the high rolling and royal players to have a wonderful time and to feel that they are being recognized for their commitment to the company and to the site.

Life is always a matter of balancing things that matter. For the highest players at All Slots who have clearly shown a commitment to the site and the company, they are being rewarded with the best that All Slots Casino has to offer. Certainly, all players at all levels will enjoy customer service, great games, promotions, bonuses and other perks. What sets this aside, however, is that it takes all of the things that All Slots already offers to players and it ups it a notch. It takes it to the next level for the esteemed player who has shown a financial commitment to the company and a commitment of time and energy. And this, really, sets the VIP Casino apart from other locations where people could play and enjoy.

Bottom line, VIP Casino access is a true luxury for those with means.

The most exclusive offers are always the ones that everyone wants to be part of. And typically they want to be part of it because they can’t. For those who can, the VIP Casino is a luxury that is to be enjoyed and cherished. The invitation here is like that of an exclusive club where people who are deserving of attention and adulation enjoy exactly the type of treatment that they are used to getting and that they should get. They are able to play the games they want to play and to enjoy customized and personalized service from those at the site who can help them. They get free spins and bonuses that other members and players don’t get. And at the highest levels, they get a level of luxury that they have come to expect and to anticipate from their lives. For those who may be waiting for invitations, it’s important to keep looking to see if you are invited. Certainly, should you receive the exclusive invitation, all questions will be answered and all decisions made quickly. And then the player can sit back and simply enjoy the entry into an entirely new rhelm of playing that has never been met before. And he can reap the many benefits of a life well lived and a site that recognizes the exclusivity of that life and that endeavor. Life never looked more grand than it does with the VIP Casino invitation in your hand.


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