Lord of the Rings Slot Machine

The Fellowship of the Ring – Lord of the Rings Slot

Lord of the Rings Slot Machine

The Lord of the Rings slot machine is truly an amazing creation. It is probably the most exciting slot machine that has been developed to date for online casinos.

As if the story was not dramatic enough, the Lord of the Rings slot – Fellowship of the Ring, is truly spectacular.
All of the well known characters return to feature in the game. It features Frodo (of course), Elrond, Sauruman, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Galadriel and Arwen… and it just wouldn’t be complete without Gollum.

The little animation of Gollum throughout the Lord of the Rings slot game is one of the things I like the most. He keeps trying to sneak onto the screen in an attempt to steal the ring (with as little success as in the story).

The slot differs a lot from anything you have probably seen to date. They have replaced the same boring old spinning reels with HD clips from the actual movie. There are also a number of wonderful features in the game which really makes it a masterpiece in terms of a feature packed slot machine.

Just to give you a quick idea of the Lord of the Rings slot machine features we would like to touch on a couple of points. The first thing you would notice when you start playing this slot machine is that to the side of it it says “243 ways to win”. That is not a misprint; it is actually so laden with ways to win that you will not see the end of it as you work through the bonus features.

The wild symbol is the Lord of the Rings symbol, which will substitute for any of the other characters to complete a paying spin. Only scatters are excluded, but it still results in some amazing big wins that you would have missed out on otherwise.

The Ring is the scatter symbol in the Lord of the Rings slot machine. When you hit 3 or more of them, you will get free spins and during the time of the free spins it is extremely rare not to win loads of extra coins.
The Eye of Sauron also features and when it hits it covers the whole screen and looks right at you!
The progressive jackpot for the Lord of the Rings slot game is on the bonus feature. You will choose one of the two towers to access the progressive. The higher you bet, the better your chances of winning the progressives and there are 4 different ones.

The Lord of the Rings slot machine is definitely one of the most amazing ones to be developed in recent years by Microgaming. If history is anything to go by I would not be surprised if they bring out further editions of this game. First it was the Fellowship of the Ring and in order to complete the set, surely there has to be The Two Towers and The Return of the King?

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