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The Lord of the Rings trilogy are a few of the most successful movies ever to have been made and besides grossing over a billion dollars, a feat which only a few movies have achieved, they was also nominated for, and won a grand total of 11 Oscars, 4 Academy Awards and numerous other awards. The Books, which the movies were based on have, have become the third bestselling novels of all time, and have sold over 150 million copies.

The Lord of the Rings movie tells the tale of the unlikeliest of heroes, Frodo the Hobbit, and his quest to destroy the Ring of Power, the one ring to rule them all, forged centuries before by the dark wizard Sauron.
Frodo is joined on his quest by his loyal friends and cousins from the Shire, Samways Gamjee or Sam, his gardener, Peregrin Took or Pippin, his cousin and Meriadoc Brandybuck or Merry, his other cousin as they make the journey to the fires of Mount Doom, the one place where the Ring can be destroyed.

Frodo and his Shire-mates are joined by the newly formed Fellowship of the Ring, a guard of honour comprised of two humans, Aragorn, a forest ranger and unwilling heir to the throne of Gondor, Boromir, the captain of Gondor. They are also joined by an Elf, Legolas, Prince of the Woodland Realm, a Dwarf, Gimli, son of the Dwarf King Gloim and Gandalf the Grey, a wizard and the leader of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Together, and apart, they battle through the worst Middle Earth has to throw at them, overcoming ancient Demons, hordes of Orcs and Goblins, Dark Magic and the overwhelming power of the Ring itself as they seek to rid the realms of Middle Earth from the corrupting power of the Ring.

We see all aspects of human nature portrayed in this film, the good the bad and the ugly, we experience the heights of the human spirit, from bravery, to honour and courage in the face death. We also witness the worst, the greed, the corruption and the pure evil that drives the many races of Middle Earth into the doing the most unspeakable things.
The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy offers something for all audiences and is unquestionably one of the greatest saga’s of our generation. It can be enjoyed by all ages an accolade not many fantasy films can claim, and will be able to offer the adults as much entertainment as it will the younger generation.

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