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The Fellowship of the Ring – Lord of the Rings Slot

The Lord Of The Rings Slot Review, my take on what is unquestionably the casino game of the year

Recently I heard that Microgaming had brought out a game based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and being the casino freak that I am, I felt it necessary to do a The Lord Of The Rings Slot Review. So I pulled on my most comfortable clothes (my pyjamas), retrieved my laptop from the depths of my paper covered desk, logged on to my favourite Online Casino (which I recently reviewed on our Casinos Page) and settled down in complete comfort to play a few rounds – albeit a few more than I had originally intended – of The Lord Of The Rings Slot Game.

Playing the game was like being in the movie.

The first thing I noticed about The Lord Of The Rings Slot Game was the more than slightly impressive graphics, I have never seen anything like it in all my years as a casino aficionada, they were in fact so good, that I often found myself watching the individual clips instead of focusing on the game, however that faded pretty quickly as I began to realise just how much money I was winning and in fact no, The Lord Of The Rings Slot Review would be complete without telling you in intimate detail how much money it is possible to win in this truly remarkable game, after all, who really cares about epic cinematic backgrounds and sound effects that shake the computers speakers if you’re not winning vast quantities of extra income.

The monetary factor behind my, The Lord Of The Rings Slot Review.

One of the very first things I noticed on my usual, initial sweep of the screen, was the notation of the game offering me 243 ways to win, this I later came to realise was not a once off phenomenon, after playing Microgaming’s other game, Thunderstruck 2, but at the time I believed it to be a bold statement of note, this was of course before I started to get down to the serious business of playing, and now I can unequivocally say, that there really are 243 different ways to win. It is a very rare thing, not to be winning in The Lord Of The Rings Slot Game, even if they are just a 10 credit win here or a 15 credit win there, the fact that I was constantly winning at least something amazed me.

Gollum makes his appearance.

After a while though the small winnings began to get a little tiresome as the action is limited and it wasn’t until I began to make alarmingly regular use of the magical “bet max” button that the game really began to reach newer and better heights. A few turns of the “bet max” button didn’t bring much in the beginning, and as I was about to give up and resume my safe playing ways, I had a visit from none other than Gollum, and after the little tyke dumped a bucket of money in my credits box, he proceeded to do a little dance for me, I found this hilarious, however it wasn’t until I reached The Lord Of The Rings Free Spins round (I had to get three rings symbols to do so) that I encountered the cheeky little guy again, this time his gift was to dish out a three X multiplier which caused all my winnings in the Free Spins round to be trebled, this although brilliant, confused me a little as I though, based on the movies, that Gollum was a bit of a maniac and not the slightest bit concerned for the well being of others, however a few more spins and a few more ring symbols later, the little psycho tried to take the Ring from my screen, which more than slightly upset me, but not so much that I didn’t have a little chuckle, and if you get nothing else from my, The Lord Of The Rings Slot Review, at least you know that if you play the game, you will at least be entertained.

The Lord Of The Rings Review and the Progressive Jackpots.

After a while of playing and being entertained by the interactive game play, mini movies, bonus spin rounds and of course, Gollum and his antics, I managed to find myself amidst the Progressive Jackpots screen, which I learnt is activated randomly during the game. The progressive screen consisted of a wheel, divided by Saruman’s Tower and Sauron’s Eye, underneath I saw the four different Progressive Jackpots, Bronze which started at 10 pounds, Silver which started at 100 pounds, Gold which started at 10 000 pounds and finally, the Mithril Progressive Jackpot, the biggest one, which started at a massive 1 000 000 pounds, the one I, and am sure you would have wanted to get, but didn’t. Anyway, after choosing the Sauron’s eye side of the wheel, it began to spin and although it took fairly long to complete its cycle and stop spinning and although I only managed to win the Silver Progressive, I was still left on the edge of my seat, and I couldn’t wait to get to that screen again, which I unfortunately didn’t because I ran out of time, but in my view and the single biggest point of my, The Lord Of The Rings Review is just how brilliant that screen is and how much excitement, terror and elation it gave me in those few minutes.

I hope The Lord Of The Rings Slot Review did the game justice.

In closing, I can unequivocally say that this is my game of the year and it is an accolade that is shared by the many people I have spoken to since, we think that The Lord Of The Rings Slot Game, is the best casino game of our generation, a true masterpiece put together by the people of Microgaming and if I could I would have sent them a bottle of Jack Daniels to say thank you. If, at this point, you are simply itching to play the game for yourself, have a look at our The Lord Of The Rings Casino page to find an Online Casino to play at, and if my, The Lord Of The Rings Slot Review has not done the game justice, then for this I must apologise and can only recommend that you visit our Casinos Page to find an Online Casino, to play the game for yourself, the one thing I can promise, and the closing of The Lord Of The Rings Slot Review is that if nothing else, this game will not disappoint in any shape or form.

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